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Zenith specialises in the sale, installation and maintenance of canopies for permanent and semi-permanent use

Our Policies

Zenith has a full range of policies in place

Environmental Policies

Zenith Canopy Structures recognises the importance of meeting the environmental challenges that we come across as a result of our own operations. We also realise the importance of supporting our customers in meeting their own environmental objectives.

To meet these objectives we have set out our policy objectives which we will review on an on-going basis.

  • We have an ongoing development of environmental issues as required by compliance to legislation.
  • Applies to personnel/operations at our premises and on site.
  • We exercise due care in waste disposal as a result of company activities.
  • In customer relationships, we take practical steps to prevent pollution, reduce energy consumption and waste.
  • We encourage re-use of material where feasible, when it does not compromise our product/service.
  • We aim to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We implement environmentally responsible policies/products throughout our operations.
  • We understand the importance of integrating good environmental practices into management and strategic planning.

Other Policies

Zenith has a full range of policies in place. Please contact us if you require a copy of the following:-

  • Environmental Policy.
  • Health and Safety Policy.
  • Public and Employer Liability Insurance.

We also provide a Company Risk Assessment and Method Statement for each job undertaken.

Our Accrediations

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